About Us

Who We Are

First Class Mariner was created by the Mariner, for the Mariner.
First Class Mariner simplifies the connection between the professional Mariner and maritime companies through an innovative, online platform. For maritime companies we offer access to experienced and qualified Mariners. Our platform makes it easy for companies to post employment opportunities and trip work for Mariners to view, increasing visibility for smaller companies and expanding reach for larger companies. For Mariners we offer convenience, with the ability to have trip work and employment at the touch of a finger. Certified Mariners can easily explore opportunities and connect with organizations that align with their expertise and availability, applying for opportunities anytime, anywhere. Throughout our years working in the Maritime industry we have gained experience everywhere, from the deck, to the wheelhouse to the shoreside. We know the hardship and struggle for companies trying to keep vessels crewed. We also know the challenges for Mariners seeking employment or trip work. First Class Mariner is committed to making the connection between company and Mariner as convenient as possible, contributing to safer, more productive working environments on our rivers.

What FirstClassMariner.com Offers

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With FirstClassMariner.com, you can pick the time frames that you want to work rather than someone else deciding when you work.


With FirstClassMariner.com, you find the voyages that you are qualified for working where and when you desire.


With FirstClassMariner.com, you can choose who you work for. Work for one company or work for multiple. You choose!

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